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 Ruth Moton is a mother, grandmother, Marine wife, Committee woman, educator, foster-mom, Mentor, and long-time resident of Delaware County. It is past time Pennsylvania's 159th district had a representative who actually listens to the community and fights on behalf of our neighbors and families.

Moton2022 is a campaign that values all voices and perspectives. It doesn't matter what you look like, how much money you have, or which political party you belong too - every voice matters and Ruth Moton is ready to listen. We all deserve to be treated with respect and a safe place to live. You deserve a representative who will fight to make a difference. 

This campaign believes in the power of people, and refuses to take donations from large corporations. Unlike our political opponent, who received $19,000 in donations from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and politically-connected family members in 2018, all our contributions come from individuals like you.


Moton2022 directs all our efforts into improving the lives of every day people and communities, and we're asking you to join us. 


Let's take the power of big money out of politics, and start focusing on the issues at hand.

~Ruth Moton, State Rep for 159th

Ruth on the Issues

Save Chester Water Authority

Chester Water Authority (CWA) is under attack.


The for-profit corporation previously known as Aqua America is attempting to takeover CWA, which will result in higher rates, loss of the Octoraro reservoir, and a loss of control over our public water.


Click here to read more about how to save CWA, and actions we can take to prevent this devestating blow to our community.  


The stakes are too high to ignore any longer. Our children and grandchildren are sick from pollution in the air - at a higher rate than the rest of PA. This is unacceptable, and presents unnecessary health risks that harm our community. 

In addition to addressing environmental concerns, we need to invest in the future of our children. We can help reduce poverty and incarceration rates by updating public school curriculums and ensuring a quality education for every child.  Education is not a privilege that should be granted to those who can afford it - it is a right and necessity that should be  afforded to all children. 

How can you get involved?


Tell a friend! or two!

The best way to help Moton2022 is by spreading the word, and doing something. If you are tired of the SAME FAMILY being in power and only thinking of themselves I NEED YOUR HELP!


Make sure your friends and family are registered to vote, and tell them why you're voting for Moton!


Your voice is a powerful tool.




We want to take the big money out of politics! 


Representatives should be accountable only to the community. Career politicians who represent the interests of large corporations and political institutions are failing to make any meaningful improvements, and the time for change is now. 


Our campaign runs on small donations from people like you.


Whether you're able to give $3 or $50, any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used to build a better future. 

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