Ruth on the Issues

Ruth on the Issues


Health care


public education


quality of life


Ruth has been a long time resident of the 159th and a successful business owner. She understands firsthand the struggles that many residents of the 159th face on a daily basis. She believes that our government no longer serves our interests and wants to make it more accessible to the community. She believes that we should no longer have to pay for the mistakes of the government while receiving very little benefit for what is paid. 


Currently, to improve the quality of life in the area outside of government action, Ruth volunteers regularly to help clean up the 159th and publicly lists her email & other means of communication for all generations. As a State Representative, Ruth would continue to uphold this level of determination to seek solutions and better the lives of residents in the 159th. 


health care

Ruth believes that it is every working or retired citizen's right to affordable healthcare. She believes that people should not be forced to budget for expensive copays for medicine or procedures that they or their family need to survive. She also believes that retired people should not have to reenter the workplace just to afford basic healthcare.


If elected, Ruth promises to vote in favor of healthcare that is actually affordable, because working families and our retired citizens cannot afford the high premium on healthcare anymore. Ruth believes that people should not be denied the right to their good health or even their lives because they cannot afford decent insurance.


private prisons

Nowadays, it seems easier and easier to be wrongfully arrested. And once you have had months taken from your life and are found not guilty, you owe the prisons thousands. George W. Hill Correction Facility is a private prison which profits off of ruining lives. Not being able to afford $100 for bail for a non-violent crime that you may not have even committed should not be a life ruining experience. 

It seems that we all know at least one person this has happened to, as if losing everything over the ordeal was not enough. Ruth is a firm believer that nobody should profit off of somebody being incarcerated. Ruth knows that prisons are the business of the state, not the stock market, and that we should not aim to fill them. 

Private prisons claim to save the taxpayer money, but they actually end up costing them more and ruining lives in the process. Ruth is a major proponent of prison reform. Her goal is to return the prison system back to the state and end any and all profit made for them. 

As in the infamous "Cash For Kids" scandal that happened in our own state (where judges were paid off by private prisons to send children to jail to fill up the prisons), it is clear that private prisons operate in a way that is harmful to our community. If elected, Ruth promises to do everything in her power to bring attention to this issue and try to permanently end the private prison system in our state.


career politicians

Ruth fundamentally believes that our representatives are elected to support the interests of their constituents, and not the interests of themselves.

If someone fails to do their job, they don't get paid. Why should it be any different for a state legislator? Representatives should not be able to become independently wealthy by simply taking the back seat on policies that matter to our community. Ruth intends to stop this wasteful spending and corruption in our state's capital, and she will fight for a system of governance that works to uphold a standard of integrity. 


reducing violence

Violence rates in the 159th District have surpassed those in the rest of the state. Data shows that there is a 1 in 327 chance of being the victim of a violent crime in the state of Pennsylvania. However, this risk increases drastically once you step into Chester, with a 1 in 71 chance that you become the victim of violence.


Ruth believes that if we focus police attention on violent individuals, and do more to hold police officers accountable to the safety of our community, then we can improve both the response times of police officers and start to lower crime rates. An increased sense of police responsibility to the community, as well as basic improvements in public schools, will help facilitate a stronger, safer environment for residents to live and families to thrive. 



public education

Ruth is not happy with the performance of many of the schools in the 159th. Parents should not be forced to send their children to a private school so that they can have a chance at getting a decent education. This is why Ruth supports major education reform not only in the 159th, but in all of PA. 

The Chester-Upland School District is operating with a deficit of over $20 million and ranks among the lowest in the state. This is unacceptable by any definition of the word. Ruth supports an audit of the school district to find out how to run the district more efficiently and put a higher emphasis on education. Having a "for profit" Public School District is unheard of. Placing profits OVER children horrific! This path will lead to the destruction of our future.

Teachers and other school employees have even had to work without pay to make sure that the children in the district can get an education. This is unacceptable.


Ruth also supports voters taking action. One family in Chester has been running the district for decades and have not produced results. Ruth believes that it is time to elect new LOCAL OFFICIALS who will protect our money more efficiently and encourage better performance in our schools throughout Pennsylvania! 

It is time for parents to use their voices and choose what is best for their children.



This campaign has always prioritized the importance of transparency. Citizens should not have to be the last to know important information that impacts their lives on a daily basis. As a State Representative, Ruth will continue to be upfront about her thoughts and plans for improving our community. Whether you want to send Ruth an email voicing your opinion or give her a call to ask about a specific policy stance, Ruth Moton will continue to prioritize accessibility and community to ensure that all voices are heard and no one is left out of the conversation. 


the environment

Ruth believes that taking care of our environment needs to be a top priority in government. She believes that constructing new energy sources is just as important. More efforts need to be taken to reduce the air and water pollution in the 159th, because we all deserve a safe, clean place to live. 


Ruth understands that industry is vital to the district's survival, but she also understands it is important for OUR survival as a community. Ruth will seek alternative solutions that lessen carbon emissions and reduce toxic pollution. However, she will do this without jeopardizing the necessary industry in the 159th district. As State Representative, Ruth Moton will fight for actual solutions that address these issues, without losing sight of our community values. 




gender equality

How many more decades must women wait for equal pay? We all live in the same world. We pay the same bills. We all sweat and bleed and fight for the people who are important to us. So, why are we still waiting for something as basic as equal pay for working the same job? 


It is time to make gender equality a reality once and for all. Not only in the workplace, but also in terms of respect. Ruth understands the barriers that may hinder young girls and women from realizing their full potential. As a State Representative, Ruth will not only set an example for other ambitious women with big dreams, but she will also work to  make drastic improvements in our public schools so that every child, regardless of gender, will have the opportunity to achieve whatever they set their minds to.